Thai-U.S. Creative Partnership

Formally announced during the July 2010 U.S.-Thai Strategic Dialogue, the Thai-U.S. Creative Partnership is an initiative that brings together Thai and U.S. businesses, government and academia to support innovative and creative industries. “Bringing together the best and brightest,” CP leverages innovative knowledge exchange, which in turn highlights a wide range of positive, deepening engagement with Thailand.
The Thai-U.S Creative Partnership seeks opportunities to highlight and share CP activities by government, university, and industry partnerships in seven technology areas: Design & the Arts; Film, Animation & Photography; Finance & Entrepreneurship; Information Technology; Food & Agrotechnology; Clean Energy & Green Technology; and Health & Medical Research.

Myanmar Young Entrepreneurs Association

Myanmar Young Entrepreneurs Association (MYEA) started as Myanmar Young Entrepreneurs Group (MYEG) back in 2009. There were 45 Executive Committee members cluster under the Union of Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industries (MUMFCCI). Result of ASEAN- China Young Entrepreneurs’ Forum which was held in Jakarta, Indonesia; Young Entrepreneurs’ Association of ASEAN member countries and China signet together and founded the ASEAN-China Young Entrepreneurs Association (ACYEA). In June 2012, MYEG transformed into the registered association as Myanmar Young Entrepreneurs Association (MYEA) with 50 Executive Committee Members to fulfill the Association’s Objective.


DHVP Research is a Hanoi-based economic and business advisory/consulting operation, established in early 2009. DHVP Research has focused its efforts on developing its own analytical tools, sharpening methodologies, and doing basic/applied research studies in the field of business management, economic policy, and geopolitical research. These efforts have led to our numerous publications in scholarly journals .

Tech in Asia

Tech in Asia is a media company focused on the Asian tech startup scene, with regional reach and employees across Asia and US (such as China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, US). We publish news and analysis online and produce a series of 100-300 people meetups (across major Asian cities) and 2,000+ people conferences (Singapore, Tokyo, Jakarta), Startup Asia. Our audience consists of entrepreneurs, developers and investors who are tech-savvy, early adopters.


As the Number 1 job website in Laos, 108JOB is the first and foremost multi-channel recruitment media with one-stop service. Launched in January 2012, and together with a companion career development magazine, we are expanding and improving the efficiency of our employment community for both job seekers and employers. 108JOB is a subsidiary of 108-1009 Group Co., Ltd. of Laos.

J.E. Austin Associates

J.E. Austin Associates assists businesses and governments to achieve sustainable, equitable, business-led economic growth. Our mission is to catalyze and facilitate real change and accomplishment. We adapt and apply the most advanced business tools, management methodologies and analytical techniques to the realities of the business, policy and economic environments in emerging and developing economies.

Smallworld Cambodia

SmallWorld is an open space and youth business center created to encourage and facilitate start-up enterprises for and by young entrepreneurs in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. We assist with forming early stage start-up enterprise teams to launch, test and refine new products and services with minimal capital. At present thirteen active start-up enterprises are in various stages of development at SmallWorld.