Hanoi: AI Approach in Vietnam 2017

Country: Vietnam


Toong is bringing up to you a workshop concerning artificial intelligence on Monday, 20 February. Beginning at 7pm, this two-hours workshop will help you to learn more about this topic.

In artificial intelligence research, the situated approach builds agents that are designed to behave effectively successfully in their environment. This requires designing AI "from the bottom-up" by focussing on the basic perceptual and motor skills required to survive. The situated approach gives a much lower priority to abstract reasoning or problem-solving skills.


The approach was originally proposed as an alternative to traditional approaches (that is, approaches popular before 1985 or so). After several decades, classical AI technologies started to face intractable issues (e.g. combinatorial explosion) when confronted with real-world modeling problems. All approaches to address these issues focus on modeling intelligence situated in an environment. They have become known as the situated approach to AI.

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