TIGERs@Mekong goal is to accelerate the entrepreneurial ecosystems in BurmaCambodiaLaosThailand and Vietnam to start and grow technology startups. The program will do this by partnering with existing champions, mentors and organizations in the ecosystem. With these partners Tigers@Mekong will accomplish the following:

  • Increase the number and quality of mentors
  • Develop startup training programs in each country
  • Establish regional initiatives
  • Support startup competitions
  • Increase the number of active investors and establish regional early-stage deal syndicates
  • Give opportunity for Mekong technology startups to engage with investors

  • Economic data for the Mekong region can be misleading. Unemployment rates for Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam are less than 5% and GDP Growth rates exceed 6% (7% in 2012).

    Traditional economic indicators make Mekong region countries appear to be in an economic boom, yet most business competes in agriculture and low cost manufacturing. Many such manufacturers produce products based upon ideas brought in by outside investors, who then compete on costs creating some of the lowest labor productivity levels in the world.

    TIGERs@Mekong aims to change this equation by focusing on the next generation of entrepreneurs who are using technology to launch fresh business ideas to fill new and expanding needs within their local markets. In this process, we bring together key players who will build and grow new entrepreneurial ecosystems. There are generations of successful entrepreneurs in the Mekong region who have learned the hard lessons of business success and want to share their experiences. Locally experienced and successful entrepreneurs provide support through developing competitions, pitch events, accelerators, incubators and training programs to guide, push and encourage young, emerging entrepreneurs. Growth in the economy means additional capital is available for investing into a new generation focused on innovation and renewal. TIGERs@Mekong is proud to be a catalyst for positive change.

    1. All data from World Bank’s World Development Indicators (WDI): http://data.worldbank.org/ data-catalog/world- development-indicators